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EBT Card Discounts

Did you know your EBT Card gives you access to some amazing discounts, perks, and free stuff? If you currently have an EBT card for Food Stamps, WIC or TANF, you are eligible to take advantage of all the great EBT Card Discounts.

This includes FREE admissions to museums, 50% OFF Amazon Prime Membership, discounted or FREE cell phone and home phone service and discounts at certain retailers.

To make it easy, we have grouped the discounts by state below.

In order to find the best discounts and freebies, simply scroll down below, select your state and you will be taken to a page with all the great EBT card discounts available in your state.

Most Popular

CA – California EBT Discounts
NY – New York EBT Discounts
TX – Texas EBT Discounts
FL – Florida EBT Discounts
GA – Georgia EBT Discounts
PA – Pennsylvania EBT Discounts
IL – Illinois EBT Discounts
OH – Ohio EBT Discounts
LA – Louisiana EBT Discounts
TN – Tennessee EBT Discounts
MI – Michigan EBT Discounts

EBT Card Discounts by State

Did you know that your EBT Card can qualify you for free or discounted admission to zoos around the country?

Check out our article on the Free Zoo Admission with EBT for 2024.

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