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California EBT Discounts and Perks (2023 Edition)

California EBT Discounts and Perks (2023 Edition)

(Last updated 9/7/23)
If you have Calfresh benefits, your Golden State Advantage card gives you FREE or discounted admissions to awesome destinations across California.  See our list of top California EBT discounts, perks and free services that come with your Calfresh card.

Most California EBT card holders are not aware of the awesome benefits that come with their Card.

This includes discounted admission to museums, zoos, and aquariums, more than 50% discount on Amazon Prime Membership.

Also, your Gold State Advantage card gets you discounted cell phone and home internet plans, discounts when you shop at farmers markets and more. See the full list below. 

"California EBT Discounts"

Below is a list of all the discounts and perks that are available to you through your EBT card. We have grouped them by category. The top part is discounts and perks available to all EBT cardholders across the United States.

Next, you will find EBT perks and discounts that are specific to EBT cardholders in the state of California. With your EBT card, you can take advantage of both national and local discounts.

We will continue to add more perks and discounts as we discover them so be sure to check back to get the most up to date list to help you get the most out of your EBT card.

National EBT Discounts

Below are the discounts that are available to all EBT Cardholders across the United States, that can also be redeemed by California EBT Card Holders.

Amazon Prime EBT Discount

If you have a California EBT Card, you can now sign up for Amazon Prime EBT Discount and get all the great benefits that come with Prime membership, at a fraction of the cost.

The regular Amazon Prime membership is $14.99 a month. However, if you have an EBT Card, you can get Prime Membership for only $6.99. That’s over 50% off the regular price.

PLUS, get a FREE 30-Day Trial to try Amazon Prime before you sign up for a discounted membership. 

Given that Amazon is part of the USDA pilot of vendors approved to accept food stamps online for delivery, prime membership is going to be a great thing to have because you will be able to order groceries through Amazon Pantry when the program is rolled out nationally.

Sign-up for Amazon Prime EBT Discount HERE

If you are not sure if the Amazon Prime EBT Discount is worth it, here is a summary of the what you get with your Amazon Prime membership:

FREE, Fast Delivery on Millions of Items

With Amazon Prime membership, you get fast, free shipping on over 50 million eligible items on They have also rolled out a program recently that allows people who live in certain metropolitan areas to get FREE Same-Day Delivery on over a million items and FREE 2-hour delivery with Prime Now on daily essentials and groceries.

Instantly Stream TV Shows and Movies

One of the most popular features is the instant streaming of TV Shows and Movies. Your Prime membership includes instant access to thousands of movies and TV shows at no additional cost. You can stream all these on select Smart TVs, Roku, Xbox, Amazon Fire TV, iPhones, tablets, and Android devices.

Other Benefits of Amazon Prime

  • Over two million songs. Thousands of playlists and stations (On-demand, ad-free music streaming)
  • Books, Magazines & More (Unlimited reading on any device)
  • Original audio series from Audible (Unlimited listening to original audio series)
  • Twitch Prime (Get free game content every month, exclusive discounts, plus loads more)
  • All your photos, together at last (Free unlimited photo storage)

How to add your SNAP EBT Card to Amazon

How to add your SNAP EBT Card to Amazon

You can your food stamp benefits to shop online at Amazon. First, you need to add your SNAP EBT Card to your Amazon account.

To find out how, follow the instructions below:

  1. Visit the Amazon SNAP EBT website here.
  2. Click the yellow “Add your SNAP EBT Card” button at the top-left of the page.
  3. Login to your Amazon Account by entering your email address and password.
  4. Enter your EBT Card Number and click the yellow “Continue” button when complete.
  5. Enter your 5-digit delivery Zip Code.
  6. Start shopping!

During checkout, you will be asked to enter your 4-digit EBT Card PIN, so make sure you have this information to complete your purchase.

"California EBT Discount, Free Stuff and Perks"

California EBT Discounts for 2023

Lifeline Program

If you are currently on Food Stamps/EBT Cardholder, and your income is below a certain level, you may qualify for FREE or low-cost home or cell phone service for you or a member of your family through the Federal Lifeline Program, which serves nearly 13 million Americans.

The Lifeline program helps to lower the monthly cost of phone and internet service. Eligible customers will get at least $9.25 toward their monthly bill. You can only use Lifeline for either phone or internet service, but not both.

Discounted Cell Phone Services

Below is a list of cell phone providers that participate in the Lifeline program in the state of California.

California Lifeline Discounted Cell Phone Service Providers
Phone Service Provider Phone Number Type of Service
Air Voice Wireless 888-944-2355 Cell Phone Service
Truconnect 800-430-0443 Cell Phone Service
Access Wireless 866-594-3644 Cell Phone Service
Boomerang Wireless LLC 866-488-8719 Cell Phone Service
Safelink Wireless 800-723-3546 Cell Phone Service
Life Wireless 888-543-3620 Cell Phone Service
StandUP Wireless 800-544-4441 Cell Phone Service
Safetynet Wireless 888-224-3213 Cell Phone Service
Assurance Wireless 888-898-4888 Cell Phone Service

Discounted Home Phone Services

Below is a list of home phone providers that participate in the Lifeline program in the state of California.

California Lifeline Discounted Home Landline Phone Service Providers
Phone Service Provider Phone Number Type of Service
AT&T 800-288-2747 Home Phone Service (Landline)
TDS Telecom/Winter Haven Telephone Company 888-225-5837 Home Phone Service (Landline)
TDS Telecom/Hornitos Telephone Company 888-225-5837 Home Phone Service (Landline)
Sierra Telephone Company, Inc. 877-658-4611 Home Phone Service (Landline)
AT&T 800-288-2747 Home Phone Service (Landline)
Siskiyou Telephone 866-467-6001 Home Phone Service (Landline)
ConnectTo communications 800-804-4603 Home Phone Service (Landline)
Cox Communications 866-961-0027 Home Phone Service (Landline)
Blue Casa 800-360-1902 Home Phone Service (Landline)
Ducor Telephone Company 888-539-5234 Home Phone Service (Landline)
Sebastian 559-846-4868 Home Phone Service (Landline)
Ponderosa Telephone 800-682-1878 Home Phone Service (Landline)
Calaveras Telephone Company 800-253-2511 Home Phone Service (Landline)
TDS Telecom/Happy Valley Telephone Company 888-225-5837 Home Phone Service (Landline)
Pinnacles Telephone Co. 831-389-4500 Home Phone Service (Landline)
Consolidated Communications of California Company 844-968-7224 Home Phone Service (Landline)
Volcano Telephone Company 888-886-5226 Home Phone Service (Landline)
CAL-ORE Telephone 800-858-2399 Home Phone Service (Landline)
Frontier Communications 800-921-8101 Home Phone Service (Landline)

Discounted Internet Service

The new Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) provides discounted internet to EBT Cardholders. The program provides households with a $30 discount on their internet service each month.

Plus, you could also get a one-time $100 discount on the purchase of an eligible laptop, desktop or tablet.

You can combine the $30 ACP internet credit with your Lifeline phone service to save even more on your phone and internet bill each month.

To find out how to apply, check out our article here.

ACP Internet Providers in California

Currently, California has 161 ACP internet providers. We’ve provided a list of all the California companies offering discounted internet to EBT Cardholders below.

California Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) Internet Providers
Internet Provider Name Phone Number Type of Service Free with ACP Discounted Device
Q Link Wireless LLC 855-754-6543 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes
Xchange Telecom LLC 646-722-7200 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes
Assurance Wireless 800-937-8997 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes Yes
Clear Wireless, LLC 888-341-3471 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes
North American Local, LLC 888-247-3903 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes
Culture Wireless 404-254-6236 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes
PCs for People 651-354-2552 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes Yes
InterConnection 206-633-1517 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes
Comlink Total Solutions Corp 833-526-0200 Mobile Internet (WIFI)
Selectel Wireless 877-218-5744 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes Yes
Galaxy Distribution LLC 833-942-5299 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes
Life Wireless 888-543-3620 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes
Cintex Wireless, LLC 800-931-0141 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes Yes
Straight Talk, Total Wireless, Simple Mobile, Walmart Family Mobile, TracFone, Net10, Page Plus & Go Smart 833-333-9227 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes
SafetyNet Wireless 888-224-3213 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes Yes
Boost Mobile 866-402-7366 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes
Cricket Wireless 844-246-8364 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes
TruConnect Communications, Inc. 800-430-0443 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes Yes
IDT Domestic Telecom, Inc. 800-689-0617 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes
TAG Mobile, LLC 866-959-4918 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes
BlocPower LLC 718-924-2873 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes
Gen Mobile, Inc 833-528-1380 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes
Excess Telecom, Inc. 800-615-0898 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes Yes
Sarver Wireless 888-744-8950 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes
K20 Wireless 717-400-5573 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes Yes
Twigby 405-209-8094 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes
H2O Wireless 888-543-3620 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes
Verizon Wireless 800-922-0204 Mobile Internet (WIFI)
Public Wireless, LLC 800-286-5380 Mobile Internet (WIFI)
Infiniti Mobile 214-323-8000 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes Yes
UVNV, Inc. 888-777-0446 Mobile Internet (WIFI)
TC Telephone, LLC 877-669-8282 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes
Ztar Mobile, Inc 800-416-3003 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes
US Connect 877-732-7987 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes
Go Technology Management, LLC 877-223-1978 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes
AT&T Mobility LLC 866-986-0963 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes
Airtalk Wireless 855-924-7825 Mobile Internet (WIFI)
Comcast (Xfinity) 1-800-XFINITY Mobile Internet (WIFI)
Access Wireless 866-594-3644 Mobile Internet (WIFI)
Metro by T-Mobile 800-937-8997 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes
Unity Wireless, Inc. 800-701-3231 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes
Hoop Wireless, LLC 833-367-4667 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes
Rural4G 870-451-0373 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes Yes
ConnectTo 800-459-6753 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes
Boftech 248-905-1907 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes Yes
Dailytel Inc. 883-999-0427 Mobile Internet (WIFI)
Red Pocket, Inc 888-993-3888 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes
Sano Health LLC 866-970-7299 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes Yes
United States Cellular Corporation 888-944-9400 Mobile Internet (WIFI)
Boomerang Wireless, LLC 866-488-8719 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes
LMi.Net 510-843-6389 Mobile Internet (WIFI)
Liberty Mobile Wireless 855-566-1776 Mobile Internet (WIFI)
SurgePhone Wireless LLC 855-578-2677 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes
LTE Wireless 877-388-2232 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes
City Communications, Inc 888-424-5588 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes Yes
human-I-T 888-268-3921 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes
ECOMOBILE, INC. 855-825-8855 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes
AT&T 866-986-0963 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes
Global Connection Inc. of America 800-544-4441 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes Yes
Consolidated Communications, Inc. 844-968-7224 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes
American Assistance and Your Call Wireless 877-266-7212 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes
Tone Communication Services LLC 800-515-8182 Mobile Internet (WIFI)
Hello Mobile Telecom LLC 888-854-3556 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes
Etheric Networks, Inc. 650-487-1232 Home Internet
Volcano Telephone Company 209-296-7502 Home Internet
Siskiyou Telephone Company 866-467-6001 Home Internet
Google Fiber Inc. 866-777-7550 Home Internet
ZISFONE, LLC 850-397-2031 Home Internet Yes
101Netlink 707-923-4000 Home Internet
DM-Tech Internet 530-824-3522 Home Internet
Southern California Tribal Technologies, LLC 760-742-0582 Home Internet
Beamspeed LLC 928-343-0300 Home Internet
Catalina Broadband Solutions, LLC 877-384-4924 Home Internet
Tekwerks Internet 818-365-1986 Home Internet
Integrated Path Communications, LLC 888-224-6958 Home Internet Yes
U2 CONNECT NOW 844-679-0909 Home Internet
San Bruno CityNet Services 650-616-3100 Home Internet
Ting Internet 844-846-4994 Home Internet Yes
Volcano Internet Provider 209-296-7502 Home Internet
Atherton Fiber LLC 833-676-6546 Home Internet
Mediacom LLC 855-330-6918 Home Internet Yes
Hunter Communications 541-772-9282 Home Internet
Kingsburg Media Foundation 559-419-9810 Home Internet
Calaveras Telephone Company 209-785-2211 Home Internet
BlocPower LLC 718-924-2873 Home Internet Yes
Althea – Hawk Networks, Inc. 866-425-8432 Home Internet Yes
ECOMOBILE, INC. 855-825-8855 Home Internet Yes
AT&T 866-986-0963 Home Internet Yes
Vyve Broadband 855-FOR-VYVE Home Internet
Zavala Communications 831-753-3700 Home Internet
Frontier Communications Corporation 877-847-6091 Home Internet
Softcom Internet Communications, Inc. 800-982-7675 Home Internet
Yurok Tribe of the Yurok Reservation 707-951-8028 Home Internet Yes
TDS Telecommunications Corporation 888-225-5837 Home Internet
Foundation for California Community Colleges 866-325-3222 Home Internet
Ducor Telephone Company 888-539-5234 Home Internet
United States Cellular Corporation 888-944-9400 Home Internet
Hughes Network Systems, LLC 844-737-2700 Home Internet
Kwikbit Internet (888) 883-2942 Home Internet
Cal-Ore Communications 800-858-2399 Home Internet
Anza Electric Cooperative, Inc. 951-763-4333 Home Internet
Plumas-Sierra Telecommunications 800-221-3474 Home Internet
Comcast (Xfinity) 1-800-XFINITY Home Internet
Cox Communication 866-439-1289 Home Internet Yes Yes
Viasat 855-463-9333 Home Internet
North Coast Networks, LLC 707-621-8800 Home Internet
Catalina Broadband Solutions, LLC 877-202-1491 Home Internet
Sail Internet 844-438-8484 Home Internet
Spot On Networks, LLC 877-768-6687 Home Internet
Suddenlink 866-200-7610 Home Internet
City Communications, Inc 888-424-5588 Home Internet Yes Yes
Nevada County Fiber 530-263-5014 Home Internet
Lingo 866-405-4646 Home Internet
Horizon Cable TV, Inc. 415-663-9610 Home Internet
Sonic 707-522-1000 Home Internet
ConnectTo 800-459-6753 Home Internet Yes
Starry, Inc 888-231-9403 Home Internet Yes
Spectrum (Charter Communications Operating, LLC) 866-980-3107 Home Internet Yes
Varcomm Broadband, Inc 888-539-5234 Home Internet
Sebastian 800-841-9311 Home Internet
EARTHLINK, LLC 888-327-8454 Home Internet
Calaveras Telephone Company 209-785-2211 Home Internet
Monkeybrains 415-974-1313 Home Internet
Yondoo Broadband, LLC 877-384-4924 Home Internet
GigabitNow 866-748-8066 Home Internet
Commercial Connectivity Services, LLP 310-928-1644 Home Internet Yes
Maxsip Telecom Corporation 866-629-7471 Home Internet Yes
Velociter Wireless, Inc. 209-838-1221 Home Internet
Tekify Fiber & Wireless 510-266-5800 Home Internet
Zito West Holding, LLC 800-365-6988 Home Internet
Lone Pine Communications 760-876-5461 Home Internet
Clear Wireless, LLC 888-341-3471 Home Internet Yes
Culture Wireless 404-254-6236 Home Internet Yes
Sebastian 530-367-2222 Home Internet
Ayera Technologies, Inc 209-579-3000 Home Internet
Sierra Telephone 559-683-4611 Home Internet
Personal Network Computing Inc 707-422-1200 Home Internet
Cruzio 831-459-6301 Home Internet
DigitalPath, Inc. 800-676-7284 Home Internet
Oasis Broadband 530-587-4312 Home Internet
The Ponderosa Telephone Co. 559-868-6000 Home Internet
Webpass, Inc 866-777-7550 Home Internet Internet Service 419-292-2200 Home Internet
Cathect Communications, Inc 866-961-9941 Home Internet Yes
Hoopa Valley Public Utilities District 530-625-4543 Home Internet Yes
SWA Connect, LLC 866-350-0222 Home Internet Yes
Ranch Wifi 805-995-4181 Home Internet
Shastabeam 530-605-2204 Home Internet
Verizon Wireless 800-922-0204 Home Internet 530-672-1078 Home Internet Yes
Kerman Telephone Co 559-846-9311 Home Internet
WeLink Communications, Inc. 844-285-9434 Home Internet
Succeed.Net 530-674-4200 Home Internet Yes
Astound Broadband powered by Wave 866-928-3123 Home Internet Yes
Lokket Inc. 833-356-5538 Home Internet
Kerman Telephone Co 559-846-9311 Home Internet
Uprise Fiber 1833-217-7756 Home Internet
Sierra Tel Internet (STI) 559-683-4611 Home Internet
Valley Center Wireless 760-749-0828 Home Internet
ezWave 209-490-0000 Home Internet Yes
Ducor Telephone Company 888-539-5234 Home Internet

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Discounted Museum Admission in California

One of the great benefits of the California EBT Card is access to great tourist, cultural, educational and adventure museums. You get discounted admission to museums, zoos, aquariums and many more.

Currently, there are over 121 locations offering free or discounted admission to Calfresh EBT Cardholders.

The California Museums listed below all offer individual admission fees ranging from FREE to $3.00 to individuals and families who have an Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card and a valid form of photo ID.

This reduced rate is available during all normal operating hours to up to four individuals per EBT card. That means if you have a family of 4, you can use your Calfresh EBT card to get the special discounted rate or free admission for all four members.

We advise that you call the museum first before you go – so that you can find out what their special rate is for EBT Card holders (whether it’s free admission or $3).

Here is the list of participating Museums:

Kids Discovery Station
350 W Yosemite Avenue
Merced, California 95348
Phone: (209) 580-4070
The Children’s Museum at the Paso Robles Volunteer Firehouse
623 13th Street
Paso Robles, California 93446
Monterey Museum of Art – La Mirada
720 Via Mirada
Monterey, California 93940
(831) 372-5477
Monterey County Youth Museum (MY Museum)
425 Washington Street
Monterey, California 93940
Monterey Museum of Art – Pacific Street
559 Pacific Street
Monterey, California 93940
(831) 372-5477
Santa Cruz Children’s Museum of Discovery
1855 41st Ave.
Capitola, California 95010
(888) 424-8035
San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles
520 S. First Street
San Jose, California 95113
(408) 971-0323
Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose
180 Woz Way
San Jose, California 95110
The Tech Interactive
201 S. Market St.
San Jose, California 95113
(408) 294-8324
San Jose Museum of Art
110 South Market St.
California 95113
Cupertino Historical Society + Museum
10185 N. Stelling Road
Cupertino, California 95014
(408) 973-1495
Palo Alto Art Center
1313 Newell Road
Palo Alto, California 94303
(650) 329-2366
San Luis Obispo Children’s Museum
1010 Nipomo St.
San Luis Obispo, California 93401
Central Coast Aquarium
50 San Juan Street
Avila Beach, California 93424
(805) 595-7280
Filoli Historic House & Garden
86 Cañada Road
Woodside, California 94062
Ruth Bancroft Garden & Nursery
1552 Bancroft Road
Walnut Creek, California 94598
(925) 944-9352
Lindsay Wildlife Experience
1931 First Avenue
Walnut Creek, California 94597
(925) 935-1978
1651 Coyote Point Drive
San Mateo, California 94401
(650) 342-7755
Chabot Space & Science Center
10000 Skyline Blvd.
Oakland, California 94619
Buena Vista Museum of Natural History & Science
2018 Chester Ave.
Bakersfield, California 93301
(661) 324-6350
Bakersfield Museum of Art
1930 R Street
Bakersfield, California 93301
Oakland Museum of California
1000 Oak St.
Oakland, California 94607
Camron-Stanford House
1418 Lakeside Drive
Oakland, California 94612
(510) 874-7802
Museum of Children’s Arts
1221 Broadway LL-49
Oakland, California 94612
(510) 465-8770
USS Hornet Sea, Air & Space Museum
707 W Hornet Ave Pier 3
Alameda, California 94501
(510) 521-8448
University of California Botanical Garden at Berkeley
200 Centennial Drive
Berkeley, California 94720
(510) 643-2755

Lawrence Hall of Science

1 Centennial Drive
Berkeley, California 94720
Habitot Children’s Museum
2065 Kittredge Street
Berkeley, California 94704
Sacramento Children’s Museum
2701 Prospect Park
Rancho Cordova, California 95670
(916) 730-5079
Museum of Craft and Design
2569 Third Street
San Francisco, California 94107
The Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes Center
1065 Guadalupe Street
Guadalupe, California 93434
(805) 343-2455
Santa Maria Valley Discovery Museum
705 S. McClelland Street
Santa Maria, California 93454 United States
(805) 928-8414
American Bookbinders Museum
355 Clementina Street
San Francisco, California 94103
(415) 824-9754
Children’s Creativity Museum
221 Fourth St.
San Francisco, California 94103
Museum of the African Diaspora
685 Mission St (at 3rd)
San Francisco, California 94105
(415) 358-7200
Contemporary Jewish Museum
736 Mission Street
San Francisco, California 94103
(415) 655-7800
Pier 15
San Francisco, California 94111
Asian Art Museum
200 Larkin St.
San Francisco, California 94102
(415) 581-3500
GLBT Historical Society Museum
4127 18th Street
San Francisco, California 94114
(415) 621-1107
Conservatory of Flowers
100 John F. Kennedy Drive
San Francisco, California 94118
(415) 831-2090
California Museum
1020 O St.
Sacramento, California 95814
(916) 653-7524
California Academy of Sciences
55 Music Concourse Drive
San Francisco, California 94118
San Francisco Botanical Garden at Strybing Arboretum
1199 9th Ave.
San Francisco, California 94122
(415) 661-1316
de Young Museum
50 Hagiwara Tea Garden Drive
San Francisco, California 94118
(415) 750-3600
Japanese Tea Garden
75 Hagiwara Tea Garden Drive
San Francisco, California 94118
(415) 752-1171
Crocker Art Museum
216 O Street
Sacramento, California 95814
(916) 808-7000
San Francisco Zoo & Gardens
Sloat Blvd. @ The Great Highway
San Francisco, California 94132
(415) 753-7080
Sacramento History Museum
101 I Street
Old Sacramento, California 95814
(916) 808-7059
Richmond Museum of History
400 Nevin Avenue
Richmond, California 94802
Bay Area Discovery Museum
557 McReynolds Rd, Fort Baker
Sausalito, California 94965
The Marine Mammal Center
2000 Bunker Road
Sausalito, California 94965
(415) 289-7325
Lompoc Museum
200 S H St.
Lompoc, California 93436
(805) 736-3888
Santa Ynez Valley Historical Museum & Parks-Janeway Carriage House
3596 Sagunto Street
Santa Ynez, California 93460
(805) 688-7889
Wildling Museum of Art and Nature
1511-B Mission Dr.
Solvang, California 93463
(805) 688-1082
Elverhøj Museum of History & Art
1624 Elverhoy Way
Solvang, California 93463
(805) 686-1211
Robert Ferguson Observatory
2605 Adobe Canyon Rd.
Kenwood, California 95452
(707) 833-6979
Goleta Valley Historical Society, Stewards of Rancho La Patera & Stow House
304 N. Los Carneros Road
Goleta, California 93117
(805) 681-7216
The Santa Barbara Botanic Garden
1212 Mission Canyon Road
Santa Barbara, California 93105
(805) 682-4726
Museum of Sensory & Movement Experiences
120 S. Hope Avenue Suite F119
Santa Barbara, California 93105
(805) 233-3395
Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History
2559 Puesta del Sol
Santa Barbara, California 93105
(805) 682-4711
Old Mission Santa Barbara
2201 Laguna Street
Santa Barbara, California 93105
(805) 682-4149
Ganna Walska Lotusland
695 Ashley Rd.
Santa Barbara, California 93108
(805) 969-9990
Art, Design & Architecture Museum
University of California, Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, California 93106
(805) 893-2951
Casa del Herrero
1387 E Valley Rd.
Montecito, California 93108
(805) 565-5653
Santa Barbara Museum of Art
1130 State Street
Santa Barbara, California 93101
(805) 963-4364
El Presidio de Santa Bárbara State Historic Park
123 East Canon Perdido Street
Santa Barbara, California 93101
(805) 965-0093
Santa Barbara Historical Museum
136 East De La Guerra
Santa Barbara, California 93101
(805) 966-1601
Casa de la Guerra
15 East De la Guerra Street
Santa Barbara, California 93101
(805) 965-0093
Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara
653 Paseo Nuevo
Santa Barbara, California 93101
(805) 966-5373
Santa Barbara Zoo
500 Ninos Drive
Santa Barbara, California 93103
(805) 962-5339
MOXI, The Wolf Museum of Exploration + Innovation
125 State Street
Santa Barbara, California 93101
(805) 770-5000
Museum of Sonoma County
475 Seventh Street
Santa Rosa, California 95401
(707) 579-1500
Santa Barbara Maritime Museum
113 Harbor Way Ste 190
Santa Barbara, California 93109
(805) 962-8404
Charles M. Schulz Museum and Research Center
2301 Hardies Lane
Santa Rosa, California 95403
(707) 579-4452
Children’s Museum of Sonoma County
1835 West Steele Lane
Santa Rosa, California 95403
The California Indian Museum and Cultural Center
5250 Aero Dr.
Santa Rosa, California 95403
Channel Islands Maritime Museum
3900 Bluefin Circle
Oxnard, California 93035
(805) 984-6260
Cayton Children’s Museum
395 Santa Monica Pl.
Santa Monica, California 90401
(424) 416-8320
La Brea Tar Pits and Museum
5801 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90036
Kidspace Children’s Museum
480 N. Arroyo Blvd.
Pasadena, California 91103
Southern California Children’s Museum
459 East Colorado Boulevard
Pasadena, California 91101
Japanese American National Museum
100 North Central Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90012
(213) 625-0414
Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
900 Exposition Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90007
The African American Firefighter Museum
1401 S. Central Ave.
Los Angeles, California 90021
(213) 744-1730
Raymond M. Alf Museum of Paleontology
1175 West Baseline Road
Claremont, California 91711
(909) 624-2798
Victor Valley Museum
11873 Apple Valley Road
Apple Valley, California 92308
American Museum of Ceramic Art
399 N. Garey Ave.
Pomona, California 91767
(909) 865-3146
Agape Children’s Museum
613 W. 37th St.
Long Beach, California 90806
(562) 400-7174
The Children’s Museum at La Habra
301 S. Euclid Street
La Habra, California 90631
(562) 383-4236
Jurupa Mountains Discovery Center
7621 Granite Hill Drive
Jurupa Valley, California 92509
Riverside Art Museum
3425 Mission Inn Ave.
Riverside, California 92501
San Bernardino County Museum
2024 Orange Tree Lane
Redlands, California 92374
Sherman Library & Gardens
2647 East Coast Hwy
Corona Del Mar, California 92625
(949) 673-2261
Pretend City Children’s Museum
29 Hubble
Irvine, California 92618
(949) 428-3900
Turtle Bay Exploration Park
844 Sundial Bridge Drive
Redding, California 96001
(530) 243-8850
Museum of Making Music
5790 Armada Dr.
Carlsbad, California 92008
The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens
47900 Portola Ave.
Palm Desert, California 92260
San Diego Botanic Garden
230 Quail Gardens Drive
Encinitas, California 92024
(760) 436-3036
California Center for the Arts, Escondido
340 N. Escondido Blvd.
Escondido, California 92025
San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum
320 North Broadway
Escondido, California 92025
San Diego Archaeological Center
16666 San Pasqual Valley Rd
Escondido, California 92027
The Warner-Carrillo Ranch House
29181 San Felipe Road
Warner Springs, California 92086
(619) 297-7511
Birch Aquarium at Scripps Institution of Oceanography
2300 Expedition Way
La Jolla, California 92037
(858) 534 3474
Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego La Jolla
700 Prospect St.
San Diego, California 92037
Barona Cultural Center & Museum
1095 Barona Road
Lakeside, California 92040
(619) 443-7003
Legacy Center
875 Hotel Circle South
San Diego, California 92108
(619) 782-9183
Marston House Museum & Gardens
3525 Seventh Ave.
San Diego, California 92103
(619) 297-9327
San Diego Museum of Art
1450 El Prado
San Diego, California 92101
San Diego Art Institute
1439 El Prado, Balboa Park
San Diego, California 92101
Mingei International Museum
Balboa Park 1439 El Prado
San Diego, California 92101
(619) 239-0003
Timken Museum of Art
1500 El Prado Balboa Park
San Diego, California 92101
(619) 239-5548
San Diego Natural History Museum (The Nat)
1788 El Prado, Balboa Park
San Diego, California 92101
San Diego Model Railroad Museum
1649 El Prado
San Diego, California 92101
(619) 696-0199
Museum of Photographic Arts
1649 El Prado
San Diego, California 92101
(619) 238-7559
San Diego Automotive Museum
2080 Pan American Plaza
San Diego, California 92101
(619) 231-2886
San Diego History Center
1649 El Prado Suite #3
San Diego, California 92101
Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego Downtown
1100 Kettner Blvd
San Diego, California 92101
The New Children’s Museum
200 West Island Ave
San Diego, California 92101
Sequoia Park Zoo
3414 W Street
Eureka, California 95503
Morris Graves Museum of Art
636 F St.
Eureka, California 95501
Clarke Historical Museum
240 E Street
Eureka, California 95501

Farmers Markets EBT Match

A great way to stretch your food stamps benefits is to shop at farmers markets. There are many advantages that come with buying produce and other food products at farmers markets. One of the biggest of those benefits are farmers markets that match EBT card spending.

Currently, there are over 248 farmer’s markets in California that double your Calfresh EBT benefits. Customers who spend their CalFresh EBT benefits at participating farmers’ markets can double their food dollars.

Here’s how it works. Participating farmers markets will match what you spend with your EBT card, up $15 per visit. This means you are doubling your buying power – allowing you to get twice as much food and you only pay half the price.

The following farmers markets in California offer the EBT matching program (also called Market Match) – up to $15 per visit, meaning that if you spend $15 on your Calfresh EBT Card, you get $15 more in produce. Therefore, for the first $15 you spend per visit, you get $30 worth of food.

Here is a list of some of the farmer’s markets that participate in Market Match in California:

South Berkeley

Adeline & 63rd St
Berkeley, CA 94703
Year Round
2:00pm – 6:30pm
Accepts: CalFresh, WIC & Senior FMNP, WIC F & V checks

Market Match offered year round, up to $10 per visit.


Jack London Square Farmers Market

44 Webster St
Oakland, CA 94607
Year Round
9:00am – 2:00pm
Accepts: CalFresh, WIC & Senior FMNP, WIC F & V checks

Market Match offered year round, up to $15 per visit.


Alameda Sat CFM

710 Haight Ave
Alameda, CA 94501
Year Round
9:00am – 1:00pm
Accepts: CalFresh, WIC & Senior FMNP, WIC F & V checks

Market Match offered year round, up to $15 per visit.

Alameda Tues CFM

710 Haight Ave
Alameda, CA 94501
Year Round
9:00am – 1:00pm
Accepts: CalFresh, WIC & Senior FMNP, WIC F & V checks

Market Match offered year round, up to $15 per visit.


Richmond Civic Center

325 Civic Center Plaza
Richmond, CA 94804
Feb – Dec
Wednesday, launches 2/24/21
10:00am – 1:00pm
Accepts: CalFresh

Market Match offered from February to December, up to $20 per visit.


Ferry Plaza Farmers Market – Saturday

The Embarcadero & Market St
San Francisco, CA 94111
Year Round
8:00am – 2:00pm
Accepts: CalFresh, WIC & Senior FMNP

Market Match offered year round, up to $15 per visit.


Heart of the City Farmers Market – Sundays

1 United Nations Plaza
San Francisco, CA 94102
Year Round
7:00am – 5:00pm
Accepts: CalFresh, WIC & Senior FMNP

Market Match offered year round, up to $30 per visit.


Coastside Farmers Markets Pacifica

400 Old County Rd
Pacifica, CA 94044
Apr – Dec
2:00pm – 6:00pm
Accepts: CalFresh, WIC & Senior FMNP

Market Match offered from April to December, up to $20 per visit.


Downtown Napa Farmers’ Market Tuesday

1100 West St
Napa, CA 94559
Apr – Dec
8:00am – 12:00pm
CalFresh, WIC & Senior FMNP
Market Match offered from April to December, up to no maximum per visit.


Brentwood CFM

655 First St
Brentwood, CA 94513
Mar – Dec
8:00am – 12:00pm
Accepts: CalFresh, WIC & Senior FMNP, WIC F & V checks

Market Match offered from March to November, up to $15 per visit.

San Jose Downtown CFM

18 N San Pedro St
San Jose, CA 95113
May – Nov
10:00am – 2:00pm
Accepts: CalFresh, WIC & Senior FMNP, WIC F & V checks

Market Match offered from May to November, up to $15 per visit.


Hollywood Farmers’ Market

1600 Ivar Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90028
Year Round
8:00am – 1:00pm
Accepts: CalFresh, WIC & Senior FMNP, WIC F & V checks

Market Match offered year round, up to $10 per visit.


East Hollywood Certified Farmers’ Market Thursday

5448 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028
Year Round
Thursday: $15 WIC card match, $7 WIC FMNP match
3:30pm – 7:30pm
Accepts: CalFresh, WIC & Senior FMNP, WIC F & V checks

Market Match offered year round, up to $15 per visit.


East Hollywood Certified Farmers’ Market Monday

5448 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028
Year Round
Monday: $15 WIC card match, $7 WIC FMNP match
3:30pm – 7:30pm
Accepts: CalFresh, WIC & Senior FMNP, WIC F & V checks

Market Match offered year round, up to $15 per visit.

For a complete list of all the farmer’s markets that double your SNAP EBT benefits in California, check out this article.

California EBT Card Discounts Summary

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