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North Carolina EBT Discounts and Perks (2024)

Do you live in North Carolina and receive food stamp benefits? If so, we’ve got some incredible news for you. As an EBT cardholder, you qualify for a whole host of discounts, perks, and even freebies! From discounted admission to popular attractions, to special deals on fresh produce, we’ve handpicked the very best North Carolina EBT Discounts for 2024 just for you. Continue reading to discover how you can start taking advantage of these amazing offers today.

All you have to do to take advantage of these discounts and perks is to present your EBT Card at the participating locations listed below.

This includes a 50% discount on an Amazon Prime membership. Some of the great benefits of Amazon Prime include:

  • Free Same-Day Delivery
  • Free Two-Hour Delivery
  • Get Paid for No-Rush Delivery
  • Free Music
  • Free Books, Magazines, Audiobooks
  • Binge on Your Favorite Shows
  • Early Access to Lightning Deals
  • Whole Foods Discounts and Delivery
  • Membership Sharing
  • Amazon Prime Day Deals
  • Free Delivery to Your Car
  • Prime Pantry’s Flat Fee
  • Unlimited Photo Storage (Videos and Documents, Too)

Furthermore, You also may qualify for free or discounted cell phone or home phone plans under the Federal Lifeline Program as described in details below.

In addition, there are also discounted home internet services through the Affordable Connectivity Program for those who qualify.

Also, your Benefit Security Card gives you discounted or FREE access to museums and other great family-friendly places in the state of North Carolina.

In this post, we are going to share all the exciting North Carolina EBT discounts, perks, and free stuff available to cardholders.
"North Carolina EBT Discounts"

National EBT Discounts

Below are the discounts that are available to all EBT Cardholders across the United States, that can also be redeemed by North Carolina EBT Cardholders.

Amazon Prime EBT Discount

If you have a Benefit Security Card, you can now sign up for Amazon Prime EBT Discount and get all the great benefits that come with Prime membership, at a fraction of the cost.

The regular Amazon Prime membership is $14.99 a month. However, if you have an EBT Card, you can get Prime Membership for $6.99. That’s over 50% off the regular price.

Given that Amazon is part of the USDA Online Purchasing Pilot approved to accept food stamps online for delivery, prime membership allows you to order groceries through Amazon Fresh and Pantry.

Sign-up for Amazon Prime EBT Discount HERE

If you are not sure if the Amazon Prime EBT Discount is worth it, here is a summary of the what you get with your Amazon Prime membership:

FREE, Fast Delivery on Millions of Items

With Amazon Prime membership, you get fast, free shipping on over 50 million eligible items on They have also rolled out a program recently that allows people who live in certain metropolitan areas to get FREE Same-Day Delivery on over a million items and FREE 2-hour delivery with Prime Now on daily essentials and groceries.

Instantly Stream TV Shows and Movies

One of the most popular features is the instant streaming of TV Shows and Movies. Your Prime membership includes instant access to thousands of movies and TV shows at no additional cost. You can stream all these on select Smart TVs, Roku, Xbox, Amazon Fire TV, iPhones, tablets, and Android devices.

Other Benefits of Amazon Prime

  • Buy groceries online with your EBT Card through Amazon Pantry for delivery (in states where this is available)
  • Over two million songs. Thousands of playlists and stations (On-demand, ad-free music streaming)
  • Books, Magazines & More (Unlimited reading on any device)
  • Original audio series from Audible (Unlimited listening to original audio series)
  • Twitch Prime (Get free game content every month, exclusive discounts, plus loads more)
  • All your photos, together at last (Free unlimited photo storage)

"North Carolina EBT Discounts and Perks"

North Carolina EBT Discounts for 2024

Get the complete list of North Carolina EBT Discounts for 2024 below:

Lifeline Program

If you are currently on Food Stamps/EBT Cardholder, and your income is below a certain level, you may qualify for FREE or low-cost home or cell phone service for you or a member of your family through the Federal Lifeline Program, which serves nearly 13 million Americans.

The Lifeline program helps to lower the monthly cost of phone and internet service. Eligible customers will get at least $9.25 toward their monthly bill. You can only use Lifeline for either phone service.

Discounted Cell Phone Services

Below is a list of cell phone providers that participate in the Lifeline program in the state of North Carolina.

North Carolina Lifeline Discounted Cell Phone Service Providers
Phone Service Provider Phone Number Type of Service
Access Wireless* 866-594-3644 Mobile Cell Phone Service
Assurance Wireless* 888-898-4888 Mobile Cell Phone Service
Safelink Wireless* 800-723-3546 Mobile Cell Phone Service

Discounted Home Phone Services

Below is a list of home phone providers that participate in the Lifeline program in the state of North Carolina.

North Carolina Lifeline Discounted Home Phone Service Providers
Phone Service Provider Phone Number Type of Service
TDS Telecom/Service Telephone Co.* 888-225-5837 Home Service (Landline)
North State Telephone Company* 866-542-5900 Home Service (Landline)
Citizens Telephone Company* 888-403-2667 Home Service (Landline)
Yadkin Valley Telephone Membership Corporation* 336-463-5022 Home Service (Landline)
TDS Telecom/Saluda Mountain Telephone Co.* 888-225-5837 Home Service (Landline)
Star Telephone Membership Corporation* 800-706-6538 Home Service (Landline)
Frontier Communications 800-921-8101 Home Service (Landline)
Piedmont Telephone Membership Corporation 336-787-5433 Home Service (Landline)
Wilkes Telecommunications* 336-973-3103 Home Service (Landline)
TDS Telecom/Barnardsville Telephone Company 888-225-5837 Home Service (Landline)
AT&T* 855-301-0355 Home Service (Landline)
ATMC* 910-754-4311 Home Service (Landline)
Randolph Communications* 336-879-5684 Home Service (Landline)
Surry Telephone Membership Corporation* 800-235-5007 Home Service (Landline)
Windstream Communications* 800-347-1991 Home Service (Landline)
Ellerbe Telephone Company* 910-582-6244 Home Service (Landline)
Skyline Telephone Membership Corporation* 336-877-3111 Home Service (Landline)
Tri-County Telephone Membership Corporation* 252-964-8000 Home Service (Landline)
Pineville Telephone Company* 704-889-2001 Home Service (Landline)
CenturyLink 800-244-1111 Home Service (Landline)

Discounted Internet Service

The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) provides discounted internet to EBT Cardholders. The program provides households with a $30 discount on their internet service each month.

Plus, you could also get a one-time $100 discount on the purchase of an eligible laptop, desktop or tablet.

You can combine the $30 ACP internet credit with your Lifeline phone service to save even more on your phone and internet bill each month.

To find out how to apply, check out our article here.

ACP Internet Providers in North Carolina

Currently, North Carolina has 138 ACP internet providers. We’ve provided a list of all the North Carolina companies offering discounted internet to EBT Cardholders below.

North Carolina Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) Internet Providers
Internet Provider Name Phone Number Type of Service Free with ACP Discounted Device
Lingo 866-405-4646 Home Internet
Windstream Communications, LLC* 866-445-8084 Home Internet
OpenFiber USA 800-359-5767 Home Internet Yes
PTC Communications* 704-889-2001 Home Internet
North State Communications Advanced Services, LLC 336-490-9279 Home Internet Yes
Zito West Holding, LLC 800-365-6988 Home Internet
Horry Telephone Cooperative, Inc. 843-365-2154 Home Internet
Blue Ridge Mountain Electric Membership Corporation 706-379-3121 Home Internet
BalsamWest FiberNET, L.L.C. 888-225-7266 Home Internet
Ellerbe Telephone Company* 844-238-0131 Home Internet
Synergy Internet 855-779-6374 Home Internet
Vyve Broadband 855-FOR-VYVE Home Internet
Cathect Communications, Inc 866-961-9941 Home Internet Yes
InfinityLink Communications 252-747-5682 Home Internet
Skyrunner, Inc 828-258-8562 Home Internet
Belhaven Cable TV Inc 252-943-3736 Home Internet
Wilkes Telephone Membership Corporation* 336-973-3103 Home Internet
Roanoke Connect Holdings, LLC 800-433-2236 Home Internet
Suddenlink 866-200-7610 Home Internet
United States Cellular Corporation 888-944-9400 Home Internet
Integrated Path Communications, LLC 888-224-6958 Home Internet Yes
Surry Telephone Membership Corporation* 336-374-5021 Home Internet
North State Telephone Company, LLC* 336-886-3600 Home Internet Yes
Hotwire Communication, Ltd. 800-409-4733 Home Internet
Tri-County Telephone Membership Corp* 844-238-0131 Home Internet
Yadkin Valley Telephone Membership Corporation 336-463-5022 Home Internet
French Broad Electric Membership Corp 828-649-2051 Home Internet
Randolph Telephone Telecommunications 336-879-5684 Home Internet
SWA Connect, LLC 866-350-0222 Home Internet Yes
TNC Communications 919-275-5172 Home Internet Yes
Hughes Network Systems, LLC 844-737-2700 Home Internet
Foundation for California Community Colleges 866-325-3222 Home Internet
Locality Networks 877-994-3810 Home Internet
Brightspeed 833-692-7773 Home Internet
EARTHLINK, LLC 888-327-8454 Home Internet
Yadkin Valley Telephone Membership Corporation* 336-463-5022 Home Internet
Saluda Mountain Telephone Company* 844-238-0131 Home Internet
Mcleanics Technology Corporation 704-503-9032 Home Internet Yes
RiverStreet Networks 844-238-0131 Home Internet
Wilkes Communications, Inc. 336-973-3103 Home Internet
Carolina West Wireless 800-235-5007 Home Internet
Culture Wireless 404-254-6236 Home Internet Yes
Comcast (Xfinity) 1-800-XFINITY Home Internet
Atlantic Telephone Membership* 910-754-4311 Home Internet
Givens Communities 828-771-2626 Home Internet
Eastern Carolina Broadband, LLC 252-516-0025 Home Internet
ZISFONE, LLC 850-397-2031 Home Internet Yes
City Communications, Inc 888-424-5588 Home Internet Yes Yes
Randolph Communications* 336-879-5684 Home Internet
Google Fiber Inc. 866-777-7550 Home Internet
Surry Telephone Membership Corporation 336-374-5021 Home Internet
StarVision Inc. 800-706-6538 Home Internet
Clear Wireless, LLC 888-341-3471 Home Internet Yes
Spot On Networks, LLC 877-768-6687 Home Internet
SkyLine Telephone Membership Corporation* 336-877-1350 Home Internet Yes
Cox Communication 866-439-1289 Home Internet Yes
Verizon Wireless 800-922-0204 Home Internet
Open Broadband, LLC 980-246-8989 Home Internet
AT&T* 866-986-0963 Home Internet Yes
Maxsip Telecom Corporation 866-629-7471 Home Internet
Spectrum (Charter Communications Operating, LLC) 866-980-3107 Home Internet Yes
Cherokee Cablevision 888-225-7266 Home Internet
Viasat 855-463-9333 Home Internet
Star Communications* 800-706-6538 Home Internet
Riverwave Broadband 828-239-9779 Home Internet
CloudWyze, Inc. 910-795-1000 Home Internet
Atlantic Telephone Membership 910-754-4311 Home Internet
CoMPAS Cable 828-438-5353 Home Internet Internet Service 419-292-2200 Home Internet
SkyBest Communications, Inc 336-877-1350 Home Internet Yes
Mediacom LLC 855-330-6918 Home Internet Yes
Ting Internet 844-846-4994 Home Internet Yes
Net-change 252-482-7683 Home Internet
Twigby ACP Home Int Home Internet
Comporium* 888-403-2667 Home Internet Yes
GIGAFY 855-544-4239 Home Internet
Frontier Communications Corporation 877-847-6091 Home Internet
SprintFone 786-259-0002 Home Internet Yes
MetroNet 877-407-3224 Home Internet
Service Telephone Company* 844-238-0131 Home Internet
Althea – Hawk Networks, Inc. 866-425-8432 Home Internet Yes
BlueSkies Communications 514-994-2476 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes
SafetyNet Wireless 888-224-3213 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes Yes
IDT Domestic Telecom, Inc. 800-689-0617 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes
Galaxy Distribution LLC 833-942-5299 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes
Infiniti Mobile 214-323-8000 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes Yes
United States Cellular Corporation 888-944-9400 Mobile Internet (WIFI)
UVNV, Inc. 888-777-0446 Mobile Internet (WIFI)
Red Pocket, Inc 888-993-3888 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes
Sano Health LLC 866-970-7299 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes Yes
Hello Mobile Telecom LLC 888-854-3556 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes
Airtalk Wireless 877-247-7799 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes
LTE Wireless 877-388-2232 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes
AT&T* 866-986-0963 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes
Life Wireless 888-543-3620 Mobile Internet (WIFI)
Hoop Wireless, LLC 833-367-4667 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes Yes
Ztar Mobile, Inc 800-416-3003 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes
Whoop Connect Inc. 888-200-1076 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes
Straight Talk, Total Wireless, Simple Mobile, Walmart Family Mobile, TracFone, Net10, Page Plus & Go Smart* 833-333-9227 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes
Dailytel Inc. 883-999-0427 Mobile Internet (WIFI)
AT&T Mobility LLC 866-986-0963 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes
Comcast (Xfinity) 1-800-XFINITY Mobile Internet (WIFI)
Access Wireless* 866-594-3644 Mobile Internet (WIFI)
T-Mobile USA, Inc. 888-863-8768 Mobile Internet (WIFI)
Boost Mobile 866-402-7366 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes
Z1 Wireless 561-434-4509 Mobile Internet (WIFI)
Selectel Wireless 877-218-5744 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes Yes
Insight Mobile, Inc. 866-330-0902 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes
InterConnection 206-633-1517 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes
Q Link Wireless LLC 855-754-6543 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes Yes
Rural4G 870-451-0373 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes Yes
K20 Wireless 717-400-5573 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes Yes
human-I-T 888-268-3921 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes
Xchange Telecom LLC 646-722-7200 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes
Gen Mobile, Inc 833-528-1380 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes
Easy Wireless 877-476-3451 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes
Culture Wireless 404-254-6236 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes
PCs for People 651-354-2552 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes Yes
Boomerang Wireless, LLC 866-488-8719 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes
Go Technology Management, LLC 877-223-1978 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes
Sarver Wireless 888-744-8950 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes Yes
NewPhone Wireless, LLC 855-204-3667 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes Yes
Sage Telecom Communications, LLC 800-430-0443 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes Yes
Verizon Wireless 800-922-0204 Mobile Internet (WIFI)
Torch Wireless 877-998-6674 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes
Clear Wireless, LLC 888-341-3471 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes
Cricket Wireless 844-246-8364 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes
Carolina West Wireless 800-235-5007 Mobile Internet (WIFI)
Global Connection Inc. of America 800-544-4441 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes Yes
Assurance Wireless* 888-321-5880 Mobile Internet (WIFI)
Boftech 248-905-1907 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes Yes
North American Local, LLC 888-247-3903 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes Yes
Excess Telecom, Inc. 800-615-0898 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes Yes
City Communications, Inc 888-424-5588 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes Yes
Wrazzle, Inc. 800-380-0547 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes
Comlink Total Solutions Corp 833-526-0200 Mobile Internet (WIFI)
Tone Communication Services LLC 800-515-8182 Mobile Internet (WIFI)
Cintex Wireless, LLC 800-931-0141 Mobile Internet (WIFI) Yes Yes

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Discounted Museums Admission

As an EBT cardholder in North Carolina, you also get discounted or FREE access to museums and other great family-friendly places.

Currently, there are 23 locations offering free or discounted admission to NC Benefit Security EBT Cardholders.

The North Carolina Museums listed below all offer individual admission fees ranging from FREE to $3.00 to individuals and families who have an Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card and a valid form of photo ID.

This reduced rate is available during all normal operating hours to up to four individuals per EBT card. That means if you have a family of 4, you can use your North Carolina EBT Card to get the special discounted rate or free admission for all four members.

We advise that you call the museum first before you go – so that you can find out what their special rate is for NC EBT Cardholders (whether it’s free admission or $3).

Here is the list of some of the participating Museums in North Carolina:

The Children’s Playhouse
400 Tracy Circle
Boone, North Carolina 28607
Blowing Rock Art & History Museum
159 Chestnut St
Blowing Rock, North Carolina 28605
Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden
6500 South New Hope Road
Belmont, North Carolina 28012
(704) 825-4490
Discovery Place KIDS – Huntersville
105 Gilead Rd.
Huntersville, North Carolina 28078
Discovery Place
301 N. Tryon St.
Charlotte, North Carolina 28202
Discovery Place Nature
1658 Sterling Road
Charlotte, North Carolina 28209
Wing Haven
260 Ridgewood Avenue
Charlotte, North Carolina 28209
(704) 331-0664
Kaleideum – North
400 West Hanes Mill Road
Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27105
Reynolda House Museum of American Art
2250 Reynolda Road
Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27106
(888) 663-1149
Kaleideum – Downtown
390 South Liberty Street
Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27101
Nido & Mariana Qubein Children’s Museum
200 Montlieu Ave.
High Point, North Carolina 27262
(336) 905-8576
Discovery Place KIDS – Rockingham
233 E. Washington St.
Rockingham, North Carolina 28379
Morehead Planetarium & Science Center
250 E. Franklin St. | UNC Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27514
(919) 962-1236
Kidzu Children’s Museum
201 S. Estes Dr. Suite A9
Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27514
(919) 933-1455
Cape Fear Botanical Garden
536 N. Eastern Blvd.
Fayetteville, North Carolina 28301
(910) 486-0221
Ingram Planetarium
7625 High Market Street
Sunset Beach, North Carolina 28468
(910) 575-0033
Museum of Coastal Carolina
21 East 2nd Street
Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina 28469
(910) 579-1016
The Children’s Museum of Wilmington
116 Orange Street
Wilmington, North Carolina 28401
(910) 254-3534
Cape Fear Museum of History and Science
814 Market Street
Wilmington, North Carolina 28401
(910) 798-4370
Fit For Fun Center
302 S. 10th Street
Wilmington, North Carolina
(910) 341-4630
Cameron Art Museum
3201 South 17th Street
Wilmington, North Carolina 28412
(910) 395-5999
Airlie Gardens
300 Airlie Road
Wilmington, North Carolina 28403
(910) 798-7700
Zing Zumm, Children’s Museum of Jacksonville
625 New Bridge Street
Jacksonville, North Carolina 28540
(910) 650-2769

North Carolina EBT Discounts Summary

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