Millions could lose food stamps under new work requirement

"New Food Stamps Rules"

Having failed to expand work requirements for millions of Americans who receive food stamps (SNAP) through the 2018 farm bill, the Trump administration is moving ahead with plans to introduce a rule to restrict the number of people that can receive food stamps without working. In this post, we will review in detail the new work requirements food stamps and how it will affect current SNAP recipients and those who apply for benefits in the future. One thing is immediately clear: If the proposed rules go through, nearly 3 million people currently on food stamps could be at risk of […]

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Will Food Stamps Be Paid During The Government Shutdown?

"Will Food Stamps Be Paid During The Government Shutdown?"

The food stamps program (SNAP Benefits) is one of the biggest safety net available to low-income individuals in the United States. The program currently helps 38 million struggling individuals and families put food on the table. In addition, the program has also help life many people out of poverty. In 2017, SNAP benefits lifted 3.4 million people out of poverty. That’s why when there is a government shutdown, food stamps beneficiaries become very concerned about what will happen to their benefits during the shutdown. In this post, we will review what happens to SNAP benefits during a shutdown and whether […]

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How The Government Shutdown Affects Food Stamps

"How The Government Shutdown Affects Food Stamps"

(Last Updated On: January 18, 2019 – See below for information about February food stamps if Government Shutdown continues).  We have been getting lots of questions from our readers about how the government shutdown affects food stamps benefits. In this post, we will answer the question in detail, including whether benefits are going to be distributed on time. The post will cover: What Happens to Food Stamps Office During Shutdown Will Food Stamps Be Distributed on Time During Shutdown? Update on the Shutdown What Happens to Food Stamps Office During Shutdown? According to a report by CNN, the USDA office […]

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Why Only 42% of Eligible Seniors Apply for Food Stamps

"How to Help Seniors apply for food stamps Benefits"

Many seniors struggle with meeting their basic needs, including nutrition. One of the causes of this issue is the low participation of senior citizens in the food stamps program. In this article, we will examine the reasons why only 42% of eligible seniors participate in the food stamps program, versus 83% for the general population and what can be done to encourage eligible seniors to apply for food stamps. America’s Growing Senior Population The senior population in America continues to grow as the baby boomers reach retirement age. According to data from the National Council on Aging, in 2015, 48 […]

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Trump to Allow Mandatory Drug Testing for Food Stamp Recipients

"Drug Testing for Food Stamp Recipients"

According to reports from numerous news outlets, President Trump is considering a rule that will allow states to require mandatory drug testing for Food Stamp recipients. This is part of a plan by conservatives in Congress to significantly reduce the number of people on SNAP benefits. There is a strong belief in conservative circles that most people on EBT are freeloaders who just want to live off the government while they indulge in habits such as drug addiction. The idea is that the prospect of having to be drug tested to receive food stamps will discourage a lot drug testing […]

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60 Questions about Trump’s Food Stamps Harvest Box

"Donald Trump Food Stamps Video"

If you are currently on food stamps, you may have heard about President Trump’s Food Stamps Harvest Box – his latest idea that is included in the 2019 budget. The plan will cut the money food stamps beneficiaries get on a monthly basis and instead mail each recipient a government food box called “Harvest Box”. This essentially takes away your ability to buy your own food, and instead the federal government is going to send you a box each month containing food they think is nutritious that you should eat. The box will include, among other things, canned fruits and vegetables, versus the current […]

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