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If you are currently receiving EBT benefits and need help checking your EBT Card Balance, we can help.


EBT Card Balance Help

EBT Cardholders can check their current balance and transaction history three different ways – online, by phone, or in-person.

Each state has an debit-like Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) Card that is used to electronically distribute SNAP food stamps and cash assistance benefits to recipients. Every state has a different online portal or phone number for checking their EBT Card balance.


How to Check your EBT Card Balance

To find out how to check your EBT Card balance, click the link provided below. You will be taken to a new page where you can click your state. After that, you will be provided with step-by-step instructions on how to check your EBT balance.


Click here for: EBT Card Balance Check by State


Please note, in order to check your balance, you will be required to provide your Card Number and PIN. If you do not have your EBT Card Number and PIN information, you will need to contact your state’s EBT Card Customer Service phone number for additional help retrieving your balance.


EBT Card Customer Service

If you need additional help with your EBT Card balance, transaction history, payment, online access, or anything else, please contact the EBT Customer Service phone number for your state. You can find the EBT Card Customer Service contact information for your state by selecting it from the list here.


EBT Card Fraud

If you believe that your EBT Card has been compromised, lost, or stolen, please contact Customer Service as soon as possible. It is extremely important that you contact them as soon as you believe your EBT Card benefits have been compromised. This is to protect your food stamps and cash benefits from being stolen out of your EBT Card account.

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