Restaurants that Accept EBT in Los Angeles, CA

Restaurants that accept EBT in LA

Did you know that eligible California EBT Cardholders can use their benefits at restaurant and fast food locations to purchase hot meals? In fact, California is one of the few states that participates in the Restaurant Meals Program. In this article, we will cover: What is the Restaurant Meals Program? Restaurant Meals Program Requirements How to use your EBT Card at Restaurants Restaurants that accept EBT in Los Angeles, CA [List] Fast Food Restaurants that accept EBT [Video] To find out where you can use your EBT CalFresh benefits at restaurants in Los Angeles, continue reading below. California Restaurant Meals […]

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California P-EBT Benefits Guide

"California P-EBT Benefits Guide"

If you are looking for information or need help with your California P-EBT benefits, we can help. In this article, we will provide you with the most comprehensive guide on California P-EBT benefits.  We will cover: What is California P-EBT? How to get California P-EBT benefits California Pandemic EBT Eligibility How to apply for California P-EBT How to use Pandemic EBT California P-EBT Deposit Schedule How to check your California P-EBT balance Where you can use P-EBT California P-EBT Discounts California P-EBT Frequently Asked Questions Pandemic EBT Program The Pandemic Electronic Benefits Transfer (P-EBT) program was authorized by the Families First Coronavirus Response […]

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How to Buy Groceries Online with California EBT

"Buy Groceries Online with California EBT"

This post is about how to buy groceries online with California EBT Card. In case you are not aware, California SNAP EBT recipients can now use their EBT cards to purchase groceries online through Walmart and Amazon. The state of California was recently approved by the United States Department of Agriculture to start a pilot program to allow food stamps to be used online. As a result, The California Department of Social Services (CDSS) recently launched the program statewide, allowing food stamps benefits to be used online at Walmart and Amazon for delivery and pick-up. This was done to reduce […]

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California EBT Card Balance – Phone Number and Login

"California EBT Card Balance Check"

If you have a California EBT Card, there are several ways you can obtain the balance on your card. In this post, we will explain in detail the three ways you can check your California EBT Card Balance. The California Department of Social Services (CDSS) is responsible for administering California Food Stamp benefits, also referred to as CalFresh. The CalFresh program helps households by providing them with healthy, nutritious food to put on the table. CalFresh is available to low-income households that meet the federal income eligibility rules. If you are approved for California food assistance, your benefits will be […]

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California EBT Discounts and Perks [2021 Edition]

"California EBT Discount, Free Stuff and Perks"

(Last updated 2/14/20) If you have Calfresh benefits, your Golden State Advantage card gives you FREE or discounted admissions to awesome destinations across California.  See our list of top California EBT discounts, perks and free services that come with your Calfresh card. Most California EBT card holders are not aware of the awesome benefits that come with their Card. This includes discounted admission to museums, zoos, and aquariums, more than 50% discount on Amazon Prime Membership. Also, your Gold State Advantage card gets you discounted cell phone and home internet plans, discounts when you shop at farmers markets and more. […]

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In our post today, we’re going to walk you through the step-by-step process for creating a C4Yourself account. C4Yourself is an online benefits application for government programs in California. C4Yourself ( allows residents in select California counties to apply or manage government benefits. The C4Yourself website currently serves residents in the following California counties:   The C4Yourself website can only be used by those residents living in the C4Yourseld approved counties listed above. If you currently live in Los Angeles County, you will use a different online application called Your Benefits Now for applying or managing your benefits.  If you do […]

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