List of EBT accepted stores in Los Angeles

Our post today will provide California food stamps recipients with a list of stores where EBT cards are accepted in Los Angeles. This list includes grocery stores, gas stations, convenience stores and markets. All stores provided on the list below accept EBT as payment on the purchase of EBT approved food items.

There are currently 2,091 stores in Los Angeles that currently accept EBT cards. We provide the name and full address of each of the EBT approved stores. For the full list of EBT accepted stores in Los Angeles, please keep reading below. Here is the list of gas stations that take EBT in Los Angeles.

List of EBT accepted stores in Los Angeles

List of EBT accepted stores in Los Angeles

Below you will find a list of the first 200 EBT accepted stores in Los Angeles. To access the full list of all 2,091 EBT accepted stores in Los Angeles, follow the instructions at the bottom of the post.

Store NameStreet AddressSuite NumberCityStateZip Code
103rd Market1922 E 103rd StLos AngelesCA90002
11/11 Food Mart4379 W Pico BlvdSte 1Los AngelesCA90019
1ST STREET MARKET3417 W 1st StLos AngelesCA90004
21st Street Market2020 Hooper AveLos AngelesCA90011
24-7 Food Mart105 N Avenue 52Los AngelesCA90042
3 STAR DISCOUNT2222 S Vermont AveLos AngelesCA90007
30TH STREET MARKET2924 Maple AveLos AngelesCA90011
365 by Whole Foods Market 106582520 Glendale BlvdLos AngelesCA90039
4 Diamantes Market4753 S BroadwayLos AngelesCA90037
42nd Discount Store4228 S Western AveLos AngelesCA90062
4th Ave Liquor2527 W 54th StLos AngelesCA90043
5 Star Market2700 W Vernon AveLos AngelesCA90008
51st Market5026 Avalon BlvdLos AngelesCA90011
54 Market1754 W 54th StLos AngelesCA90062
54th St Market2731 W 54th StLos AngelesCA90043
54TH VAN NESS LIQUOR MARKET2201 W 54th StLos AngelesCA90043
55th Street Marklet5428 Hooper AveLos AngelesCA90011
6TH AVENUE LIQUOR STORE3526 W Washington BlvdLos AngelesCA90018
7 Eleven 34990H5530 Valley BlvdLos AngelesCA90032
7 Eleven Store 18820 C11143 Venice BlvdLos AngelesCA90034
7 Eleven Store 18821C11075 W Olympic BlvdLos AngelesCA90064
7 Eleven Store 20763C5600 San Vicente BlvdLos AngelesCA90019
7 Eleven Store 25887 E11285 Santa Monica BlvdLos AngelesCA90025
7 Eleven Store 34635 B3724 N Mission RdLos AngelesCA90031
7 Eleven Store 34754A4299 Crenshaw BlvdLos AngelesCA90008
7 Eleven Store 36961A301 E Florence AveLos AngelesCA90003
7 Eleven Store 37030 A5105 E Olympic BlvdLos AngelesCA90022
7 Eleven Store 37042A11255 S Normandie AveLos AngelesCA90044
7 Eleven Store 37046 A240 W Adams BlvdLos AngelesCA90007
7 Eleven Store 37062 A7117 S Vermont AveLos AngelesCA90044
7 Eleven Store 37150 A600 E Imperial HwyLos AngelesCA90059
7 Eleven Store 37175 A3523 E 1st StLos AngelesCA90063
7 Eleven Store 37191 A4680 E Olympic BlvdLos AngelesCA90022
7 Eleven Store 37215 A3330 W Florence AveLos AngelesCA90043
7 Eleven Store 37227 A5279 W Olympic BlvdLos AngelesCA90036
7 Eleven Store 37231 A501 W El Segundo BlvdLos AngelesCA90061
7 Eleven Store 37237 A3994 S Figueroa StLos AngelesCA90037
7 Eleven Store 37274 A12801 S Central AveLos AngelesCA90059
7 Eleven Store 37621 A951 Westwood BlvdLos AngelesCA90024
7 Eleven Store 37689A2282 Firestone BlvdLos AngelesCA90002
7 Eleven Store 37709 A1902 Marengo StLos AngelesCA90033
7 Eleven Store 37723 A2030 W 8th StLos AngelesCA90057
7 Eleven Store 39095A12403 Venice BlvdLos AngelesCA90066
7 Eleven Store 39477 A3477 W Olympic BlvdLos AngelesCA90019
7 Eleven Store 39538A5376 Huntington Dr SLos AngelesCA90032
7 Eleven Store 39570A1317 E Washington BlvdLos AngelesCA90021
7 Eleven Store 39672 A3708 W Slauson AveLos AngelesCA90043
7 Eleven Store 39714 A6051 Hollywood BlvdSte 111Los AngelesCA90028
7 Eleven Store 39744 A5700 Santa Monica BlvdLos AngelesCA90038
7 Eleven Store 39745 A1463 W 3rd StLos AngelesCA90017
7 Eleven Store 39759A610 S Rampart BlvdSte 3Los AngelesCA90057
7 Eleven Store 39760 A1752 W Slauson AveSte ALos AngelesCA90047
7 Eleven Store 39763 A3079 N San Fernando RdLos AngelesCA90065
7 Star Market10117 S Normandie AveLos AngelesCA90044
7-ELEVEN #20580 D5962 W Pico BlvdLos AngelesCA90035
7-ELEVEN 13731 B3450 Overland AveLos AngelesCA90034
7-Eleven 15964265 S Kingsley DrLos AngelesCA90004
7-Eleven 1611410834 Santa Monica BlvdLos AngelesCA90025
7-Eleven 16226B1400 Westwood BlvdLos AngelesCA90024
7-ELEVEN 169503100 Beverly BlvdLos AngelesCA90057
7-Eleven 17165 E5401 E Beverly BlvdLos AngelesCA90022
7-ELEVEN 173046077 W 3rd StLos AngelesCA90036
7-ELEVEN 17590 D2541 S Barrington AveLos AngelesCA90064
7-Eleven 18090 E6564 E Olympic BlvdLos AngelesCA90022
7-ELEVEN 18406C5000 Wilshire BlvdLos AngelesCA90036
7-ELEVEN 18463 C904 Vine StLos AngelesCA90038
7-ELEVEN 18533 B1810 N Cahuenga BlvdLos AngelesCA90028
7-Eleven 18778C7600 W Sunset BlvdLos AngelesCA90046
7-ELEVEN 19985 B4220 Eagle Rock BlvdLos AngelesCA90065
7-Eleven 20396G2801 James M Wood BlvdLos AngelesCA90006
7-Eleven 20545 D4343 W Slauson AveLos AngelesCA90043
7-Eleven 210301800 W Olympic BlvdLos AngelesCA90006
7-ELEVEN 21565 B1451 S la Cienega BlvdLos AngelesCA90035
7-Eleven 23393C3975 Wilshire BlvdLos AngelesCA90010
7-Eleven 239491519 S Bundy DrLos AngelesCA90025
7-Eleven 24171C2512 S Figueroa StLos AngelesCA90007
7-Eleven 25304D8500 W Olympic BlvdLos AngelesCA90035
7-ELEVEN 25330 C5791 Rodeo RdLos AngelesCA90016
7-Eleven 25599A4650 Franklin AveLos AngelesCA90027
7-Eleven 26188F1874 S Western AveLos AngelesCA90006
7-Eleven 26747B6660 W Sunset BlvdLos AngelesCA90028
7-Eleven 2706911666 W Olympic BlvdLos AngelesCA90064
7-Eleven 292617040 W Sunset BlvdSte ALos AngelesCA90028
7-Eleven 32831A4501 W Martin Luther King Jr BlvdLos AngelesCA90016
7-ELEVEN 33025A2600 N Main StLos AngelesCA90031
7-ELEVEN 33028A2200 W Sunset BlvdLos AngelesCA90026
7-Eleven 33713A500 W 7th StLos AngelesCA90014
7-Eleven 34533A6033 Whittier BlvdLos AngelesCA90022
7-Eleven 34733818 W 7th StLos AngelesCA90017
7-Eleven 35374A728 W Vernon AveLos AngelesCA90037
7-Eleven 36495A3845 E 3rd StLos AngelesCA90063
7-Eleven 390127353 Melrose AveLos AngelesCA90046
7-Eleven 39021A4930 W Pico BlvdLos AngelesCA90019
7-eleven 39023-B4111 Venice BlvdLos AngelesCA90019
7-Eleven 391522377 W Pico BlvdLos AngelesCA90006
7-Eleven 392194901 Santa Monica BlvdLos AngelesCA90029
7-Eleven 39281501 S BroadwayLos AngelesCA90013
7-eleven 39366 393665609 W Sunset BlvdLos AngelesCA90028
7-Eleven 39384A1800 E Olympic BlvdLos AngelesCA90021
7-eleven 395304221 Beverly BlvdLos AngelesCA90004
7-Eleven 395513101 Overland AveLos AngelesCA90034
7-Eleven 395531241 W Washington BlvdLos AngelesCA90007
7-Eleven 39560A5401 S Figueroa StSte 8Los AngelesCA90037
7-Eleven 39624A2005 E 4th StLos AngelesCA90033
7-eleven Inc. 25848C3470 W 6th StLos AngelesCA90020
7-eleven Store #183034460 Santa Monica BlvdLos AngelesCA90029
7-Eleven Store #1889711656 Wilshire BlvdLos AngelesCA90025
7-Eleven Store #19598473 N Western AveLos AngelesCA90004
7-Eleven Store #199535076 W Sunset BlvdLos AngelesCA90027
7-Eleven Store #223815138 N Figueroa StLos AngelesCA90042
7-eleven Store #262625498 1/2 CentinelaLos AngelesCA90045
7-Eleven Store #390894051 Leimert BlvdLos AngelesCA90008
7-eleven Store 176351647 Silver Lake BlvdLos AngelesCA90026
7-Eleven Store 18867C5880 W Manchester AveLos AngelesCA90045
7-eleven Store 19399c1665 S Robertson BlvdLos AngelesCA90035
7-eleven Store 19667d6701 Santa Monica BlvdLos AngelesCA90038
7-ELEVEN STORE 23169B1075 S Fairfax AveLos AngelesCA90019
7-Eleven Store 341473201 N BroadwayLos AngelesCA90031
7-Eleven Store 34535a8600 S Central AveLos AngelesCA90002
7-eleven Store 34979a1550 Glendale BlvdLos AngelesCA90026
7-Eleven Store 37061A3981 Whittier BlvdLos AngelesCA90023
7-eleven Store 394561916 S San Pedro StLos AngelesCA90011
7-eleven Store 39625a3201 Wilshire BlvdLos AngelesCA90010
7-eleven Store 39629a3555 W Temple StLos AngelesCA90004
7-eleven Store 39646a504 W Olympic BlvdLos AngelesCA90015
7-eleven Store 39685a12225 Santa Monica BlvdLos AngelesCA90025
7-Eleven Store 39832A1770 N Highland AveSte DLos AngelesCA90028
777 Market, Inc.1900 S La Brea AveLos AngelesCA90016
7days Market4307 Griffin AveLos AngelesCA90031
82 Market5204 Melrose AveLos AngelesCA90038
89 Cent Discount More & More2222 E Cesar E Chavez AveLos AngelesCA90033
8th Liquor & Market6007 8th AveLos AngelesCA90043
9-1-1 Food Mart11909 W Pico BlvdLos AngelesCA90064
98 ADAM’S DISCOUNT STORE165 W Manchester AveLos AngelesCA90003
98 DISCOUNT STORE7223 S Figueroa StLos AngelesCA90003
98 Cent Discount Store1601 E Imperial HwySte 103BLos AngelesCA90059
98 Cent Mini Market5326 Avalon BlvdSte FLos AngelesCA90011
98 Cent Soto Discount Store2315 E 4th StLos AngelesCA90033
98 CENT STORE8028 S Vermont AveLos AngelesCA90044
98 CENT STORE, YOUR CONVENIENCE4415 Eagle Rock BlvdLos AngelesCA90041
98 Cents and Up Outlet3660 E 1st StLos AngelesCA90063
98th Discount Market9814 S Figueroa StLos AngelesCA90003
98th Street OK Market9727 S Figueroa StLos AngelesCA90003
99 Cent Main Discount10102 S Main StLos AngelesCA90003
99 Cent Only Store 36111040 W Pico BlvdLos AngelesCA90064
99 Cent Only Store 3756921 La Tijera BlvdLos AngelesCA90045
99 Cent Only Stores 03943060 S.Crenshaw BlvdLos AngelesCA90018
99 Cent Outlet437 E El Segundo BlvdLos AngelesCA90061
99 cent Plus Thrift Store417 W El Segundo BlvdSte 2Los AngelesCA90061
99 Cent Smoke Shop4427 S Western AveLos AngelesCA90062
99 Cents & Up3119 W 8th StLos AngelesCA90005
99 Cents Cocos Mini Market5112 S Central AveLos AngelesCA90011
99 Cents Market Matamoros5859 Compton AveLos AngelesCA90001
99 CENTS ONLY STORE 11412741 W Washington BlvdLos AngelesCA90066
99 Cents Only Store 833612 W Sunset BlvdLos AngelesCA90026
99 Cents Only Store 84852 N la Brea AveLos AngelesCA90038
99 CENTS ONLY STORES 131516 W Pico BlvdLos AngelesCA90015
99 CENTS ONLY STORES 135650 S Alvarado StLos AngelesCA90057
99 CENTS ONLY STORES 16601 S Fairfax AveLos AngelesCA90036
99 CENTS ONLY STORES 416121 Wilshire BlvdLos AngelesCA90048
99 CENTS ONLY STORES 512606 N BroadwayLos AngelesCA90031
99 CENTS ONLY STORES 593451 Whittier BlvdLos AngelesCA90023
99 CENTS ONLY STORES 62422 E Washington BlvdLos AngelesCA90015
99 CENTS ONLY STORES 635270 W Sunset BlvdLos AngelesCA90027
99 Cents Up Buena Vista1931 W 6th StLos AngelesCA90057
99 Mart1928 E 103rd StLos AngelesCA90002
99+ Bargains2211 W Washington BlvdLos AngelesCA90018
99+ Mas2901 Whittier BlvdSte FLos AngelesCA90023
99c Outlet11315 S Figueroa StSte 107Los AngelesCA90061
99c Plus Savings World And Market no720 N Western AveLos AngelesCA90029
A & A Liquor Market111 1/2 S Vermont AveLos AngelesCA90004
A & A MARKET & LIQUOR6709 S Normandie AveLos AngelesCA90044
A & A Shine Bargain735 S Vermont AveLos AngelesCA90005
A & E RAMIREZ MARKET2971 E 8th StLos AngelesCA90023
A & J Fish Town, Inc.12003 Avalon BlvdSte 103Los AngelesCA90061
A & J MEAT CATERING SERVICE545 Euclid AveLos AngelesCA90063
A & S LIQUOR259 W Imperial HwyLos AngelesCA90061
A & S Market10867 Venice BlvdLos AngelesCA90034
A 1 Tobacco Mart11207 Wilmington AveLos AngelesCA90059
A Liquor687 S Hoover StLos AngelesCA90005
A W’S MARKET1582 1/2 W Vernon AveLos AngelesCA90062
A-GROCERY WAREHOUSE1487 W Sunset BlvdLos AngelesCA90026
A.N.S. Liquor4625 Hooper AveLos AngelesCA90011
A&G Food Mart901 S La Brea AveSte 5Los AngelesCA90036
A&N LIQUOR7831 S Alameda StLos AngelesCA90001
A1 Shell11944 W Olympic BlvdLos AngelesCA90064
ABC MARKET2100 Workman StLos AngelesCA90031
ABC Nutritional Care 64827 Huntington Dr NLos AngelesCA90032
Ac Grocery NO1614 N Western AveLos AngelesCA90027
Acapulco Mexicatessen, Inc. 1929 S Kern AveLos AngelesCA90022
Ace Hi Liquor11508 Wilmington Ave2-JanLos AngelesCA90059
Ace Liquor6015 E Olympic BlvdLos AngelesCA90022
ACE LIQUOR2525 Griffith AveLos AngelesCA90011
Acosta Market9106 S Vermont AveLos AngelesCA90044
Acw/ Charles Drew University Farmers Market CDU 21147 S Alvarado StLos AngelesCA90006
Adair Market3600 Adair StLos AngelesCA90011
Adam Liquor255 E Adams BlvdLos AngelesCA90011
Adams Liquor4620 W Adams BlvdLos AngelesCA90016
Adams Meat And Grocery Market1674 1/2 W Adams BlvdLos AngelesCA90007


To view all 2,091 EBT accepted stores in Los Angeles, please download our PDF file here–> List of EBT accepted Stores in Los Angeles

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