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Does Walmart accept EBT Card for Food Stamps?

The question many SNAP benefits holders have is whether you can use your EBT Card at Walmart. Over the last decade, Walmart has grown to become one of the biggest food and grocery retailers in the nation.

In addition, with many people only a few miles from a Walmart location, it makes sense that people want to know if they can use their food stamp benefits and EBT Card there.

In fact, Walmart currently operates 4,756 stores across the United States. Of those stores, 3,569 stores are Walmart Supercenters, which sell grocery items and are open for longer hours.

To learn more about if Walmart accepts EBT Cards, continue reading below. 

Does Walmart Accept EBT Cards?

In this article, we will cover:

  • Does Walmart Accept EBT Cards?
  • Can you use EBT online at Walmart?
  • Where to use your EBT Card
  • What you can Buy with EBT
  • Discounted Amazon Prime for SNAP EBT

Find out the answers to these questions and much more below.

"Does Walmart accept EBT Card?"

Does Walmart accept EBT Card?

Yes, Walmart accepts EBT cards at all of their locations that sell food and grocery items. EBT Cardholders can use their food stamp benefits at Walmart locations nationwide to purchase approved food stamp items.

Can you use EBT online at Walmart?

Yes, SNAP EBT Cardholders can use their food stamp benefits to buy food and grocery items online for home delivery or curbside pick-up. Food Stamp benefits can be used to purchase EBT-eligible food items online at

To learn more about how to use your EBT Card online to shop at Walmart, check out our post here.

To start shopping online at Walmart with your EBT Card, click here.

Where to use your EBT Card

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To find out what food you can buy with your EBT card, continue below.

What you can Buy with EBT

You can use your EBT Card to buy approved food stamps items at eligible grocery stores. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is responsible for determining whether or not items can be purchased with your food stamp benefits.

For example, you can buy a variety of food and grocery items that are sold to be prepared and eaten at home.

This includes:

  • Meat and Poultry
  • Fish and Seafood
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Bread and Cereal
  • Snack Food
  • Dairy Products
  • Nonalcoholic Beverages
  • Soft Drinks

Additionally, you can also buy plants and seeds to grow food at home.

You cannot use your SNAP EBT card to buy groceries that are considered prepared food. Also, you cannot buy beer, wine, vitamins, medicine, or any other nonfood items. 

For a complete list of what you can and cannot buy online with your SNAP EBT card, click here to see the complete eligible SNAP list.

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Discounted Amazon Prime for EBT Cardholders

As a SNAP EBT Cardholder, you can get over 50% OFF Amazon Prime when you sign up with your EBT Card. With the Amazon Prime EBT discount you can get all the great benefits of Prime at a fraction of the cost.

For just $5.99 per month you get all these EBT Amazon Prime benefits:

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  • Access to Unlimited FREE Prime Music streaming
  • FREE 2-Hour Delivery on Prime Now items

To learn more about the Amazon Prime EBT Discount and the benefits and perks you get with Amazon Prime membership, click here.

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Using your EBT Card at Walmart

We hope this article on Walmart accepting EBT Card for Food Stamps was helpful to you. If you have any additional questions about how to use your EBT Card at Walmart, please let us know in the comments section below.

Before using your EBT Card at Walmart, call your local Walmart store before you shop to confirm that they accept food stamp EBT benefits.

If your local Walmart store does not sell items that are on the approved food stamps list above, then you will not be able to use your EBT Card to shop there.

You don’t want to show up and find that your Walmart store does not carry grocery items or has limited things you can buy with your EBT card.

To find a Walmart store near you, click here.

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