Does CVS Accept EBT Card for Food Stamps

We got questions about whether Walgreens accepts Food Stamps or SNAP Benefits Card and we did a a post on the topic. We figured we might as well do the same for CVS Pharmacy, which is the second largest pharmacy chain in the United States after Walgreens. They have more than 7,600 stores. While Walgreen accepts Food Stamps at select stores, and you have to call to find out which one, CVS accepts them at all their stores and that is stated clearly on their website. Here it is:

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Does CVS Accept EBT Card

"Does CVS accept EBT Card Food Stamps"

As you can see, they do. Now, the question is what can you buy there with your SNAP benefits card. Remember that you cannot buy hot prepared foods, paper products, alcohol, household items, cigarettes, pet food and other non-food items. If you are not sure what you are allowed to buy with your SNAP EBT Card, click here to see the list. We have also posted it below for your convenience. A simple way to look at this from the government perspective is that food stamps are to help you get essential foods that you need. And that is food you have to get and prepare at home. They are not going to give you money to buy fast food or junk food.

"what you can buy with SNAP Benefits Card"

Click here to apply for food stamps in your state.