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Are you struggling to buy food and are thinking about applying for food stamps in Colorado? We can help you with the necessary information to successfully complete the Colorado food stamps online application. There are currently 46 million people on food stamps in the United States, which clearly shows that there are lots of individuals and families across the country that need food assistance and are benefiting from help from the United States government. If you or your family cannot afford the basic nutrition you need, you should consider putting in a food stamps application and we will show you how to do that. Below is the step by step process of applying for food stamps in the state of Colorado and what you need to do to get approved.

Step 1

Qualification Guidelines for Food Stamps In Colorado

The United States Department of Agriculture has set up the guidelines required for qualification for food stamps. We have listed those guidelines below. Review them to make sure that you need each of the requirements for approval. This is the guidelines the Colorado Department of Human Services will use to review your application.

To be approved for food stamps in Colorado, you have to meet the following guidelines:

"Colorado food stamps online application"

Income Guidelines

Of all the qualification requirements, the income guidelines is the most important. That’s because the Department of Human Services wants to make sure that food assistance actually go to those who really need it. That’s why your household income is reviewed to make sure that you are able to meet the cut off and don’t make more than the required income for qualification. The income guidelines is based on your total household income and you have to meet both the gross income requirement and the net income requirement in order to be approved.

"colorado food stamps income limit"

To get the net income for your household, you need to take your total gross household income and then subtract all the allowable deductions as shown below to arrive at your household net income.

"Colorado food stamps online application"

Step 2

Colorado food stamps online application Process

If you believe you qualify for food stamps after reviewing all the eligibility criteria, including the income guidelines, then you are ready to apply for food stamps in Colorado. There are two ways to apply: You can apply online through the Department of Humans Services website – which is the fastest way to apply. For the Colorado food stamps online application, click here. You can also walk into your local DHS office and apply in person. If you would like to submit an in-person application, click here to locate the nearest DHS office.

Step 3


Once you successfully submit your food stamps application, your file will be assigned to a case worker. You will then receive a letter inviting you to an in person interview. During this interview, the case worker will review your application and ask you questions about the information you submitted to make sure that you indeed are in need of food assistance. If you file is incomplete, you may be asked to bring the missing documents to the interview. Make sure you follow all the instructions provided in your interview invitation letter, otherwise, you may delay your application.

Step 4

Receive Your EBT Card

If your interview is successful and are approved for food stamps, you will be issued an EBT Card, which acts like a debit card but can only be used to make food stamps purchases. Your monthly food stamps allocation will be put on your debit card. Remember that you are only allowed to by food that is on the USDA approved food stamps list. You are also only allowed to buy approved food from approved vendors (grocery stores or supermarkets etc). Using your EBT card for something that it was not intended or approved for can land you in jail and you will end up losing your benefits for a very long time.

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We hope this article about the Colorado food stamps online application process was helpful. If you have any questions about the application, quest card or food stamps in general, tell us in the comments section below.