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How to Apply for Food Stamps in Virginia Online

In this post we will outline step-by-step instructions on how to apply for food stamps in Virginia online. Food stamps are a part of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) that enables low income families to purchase eligible food items from authorized retailers that promote better health and nutrition. Authorized retailers will either display the Quest logo or picture of the Virginia EBT card in their store front. SNAP benefits are administered by the Virginia Department of Social Services.

"How to Apply for Food Stamps in Virginia Online"

If you are eligible to receive SNAP benefits in Virginia, you’ll be issued an Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card, also known as a Quest card. Each month you will receive an automatic deposit of benefits to your EBT card. Eligibility for SNAP benefits are based on a variety of factors such as income, relationships in the home, expenses/bills, and the size of your household. The maximum monthly income limit for most people applying for food stamp benefits is set at 130% of the Federal Poverty Level. To see if you qualify, refer to the Income Eligibility Chart below:

How to Apply for Food Stamps in Virginia Online


If you qualify to receive SNAP benefits, then follow our step-by-step instructions on how to apply for food stamps in Virginia online. If you wish to apply for SNAP benefits, but cannot do so online, you may also mail, fax or drop off your completed application to your local Department of Social Services. To find the nearest Department of Social Services, access the following page. To download the application for benefits, please click here. Applying for SNAP benefits online is the easiest and fastest way to get approved for assistance.

How to Apply for Food Stamps in Virginia Online:

Step 1 – Do you qualify to receive SNAP Benefits?

Before going through the application process, it’s important that you are screened for eligibility. To begin the screening process, please go to the following website. Once you’ve completed the screening process, you can apply online through CommonHelp.

Step 2 – Apply for Virginia SNAP Benefits

After screening has been completed, you will be able to apply for benefits via the CommonHelp website. To complete your application online, visit the CommonHelp website and click “Am I Eligible.” Once you have completed the application, you will have successfully applied for SNAP benefits in Virginia.

How to Apply for Food Stamps in Virginia Online

If you would like additional assistance regarding applying for SNAP benefits via the CommonHelp website, watch the following video below.

How to Apply for Food Stamps in Virginia Online

Step 3 – Schedule an Interview

Once your application has been received by your local department, you’ll be required to complete an interview with an agent at the Virginia Department of Social Services. You will be asked to provide proof of identity (driver’s license or picture ID), residence, income, resources and shelter expenses. Please be sure to have all documentation ready prior to your interview. All information is confidential between you and the agent.

Step 4 – Virginia EBT Card

If you’ve made it to this step that means you’ve been approved to receive SNAP benefits in the state of Virginia! You will be receiving your debit-like EBT card in the mail. Your card can be used at any participating retailer to redeem benefits on qualified food items. A list of qualified food items has been provided below.

Items that can be purchased with SNAP include:

  • Food or food products meant to be eaten by people
  • Vegetable seeds and food producing plants, roots, and trees for family consumption
  • Baby formula, diabetic, and diet foods
  • Edible items used in preparing or preserving food such as spices and herbs, pectin, and shortening
  • Water and ice labeled for human consumption
  • Snack foods
  • Meals delivered to elderly or disabled SNAP recipients if the organization providing the meal is authorized to accept EBT cards


Your card is used exactly like a debit card at the point-of-sale terminal. Be sure to set up your 4-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) once your EBT card is received in the mail. Do not share this number with anyone. Your benefits will be loaded to your card on the same day every month (including holidays and weekends). If you wish to know the current balance on your Virginia EBT card, please access that information here by logging into your EBT account.

We hope you found this guide useful when applying for SNAP benefits in Virginia! If you have any questions or problems during the application process, please be sure to leave your feedback below. We love to hear from you!

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