Trump Wants to Replace Food Stamps With Harvest Box

President Trump’s new budget proposal includes major cuts to the food stamp program, (also known as SNAP). The president wants to cut the amount of money food stamps recipients get on a monthly basis and replace that with what the administration is calling a “USDA America’s Harvest Box”. The harvest box will be delivered on a monthly basis to food stamps recipients and will contain U.S.-grown commodities like meat, poultry, milk, peanut butter, cereal, and CANNED fruits and vegetables. This is essentially ready-to-eat meal kits.

"Trump Wants to Replace Food Stamps With Harvest Box"

Here is how the plan will work: Anyone receiving $90 or more a month (which is over 80 percent of all SNAP recipients) in food stamps benefits will get half of their monthly food stamps money in form of the Harvest Box, rather than cash to buy their own food as it’s currently set up. This completely takes away a food stamp recipient’s ability to buy their own food or decide what food they want to buy. Instead, the government will send you a package of food they think is nutritious that you should be eating.

Currently, food stamps recipients get money loaded onto an EBT card and they can use it buy what they want as long as they buy food that is on the approved food stamps list. This program will completely change that. This is part of an effort by the Trump administration to slash the budget for the food stamps program. The administration says by delivering harvest boxes to food stamps recipients, they will save $129 billion over the next 10 years. The administration’s overall goal is to reduce the SNAP budget by $213 billion over those years, which will cut the program by almost 30 percent.

There are currently about 44 million people on food stamps, which cost the government $70.9 billion in 2016. Nearly two-thirds of the people on food stamps were under 18, over 60 or disabled, according to the USDA. The average person receives $125.79 a month, or $4.20 a day.

Are you currently receiving food stamps? What are your thoughts on Trump’s idea to cut food stamps and replace that with the government mailed harvest box? What do you think about the fact that the harvest box contains canned fruits and vegetables, versus your current ability to buy fresh produce at the grocery store?

Donald Trump on Welfare Reform

Many people want to know if Donald Trump wins the election, will he get rid of food stamps? Well, he won. So, what is he going to do? Will he make cuts to social security or worse privatize it? Will he cut welfare programs? How about Medicaid, Medicare, WIC, TANF, Energy Assistance? What can we discern from Donald Trump on Welfare Reform? Here are a few answers:

Donald Trump on Welfare Reform

Now that he is going to be the President of the United States, here is what we know: We are going to go through the most popular and expensive programs (Social Security and Food Stamps) and tell you what we know so far:

Food Stamps

There is a famous video of Donald Trump confronting a food stamps heckler. Watch it here. Even though that video has gained notoriety, it does not tell you what he plans to do about it. It only shows you that Donald Trump thinks too many people are on food stamps. What we know is that House Speaker Paul Ryan has been wanting to trim the program for a long time, and now that they don’t have a Democratic President in the way, they have a chance to do that. For example, they want to tighten eligibility standards or increase the work requirement, according to this article from CBS News.

Social Security

Trump has not presented a specific plan on social security, only saying that he will not take benefits from those who are currently receiving it. That opens the possibility that there would be changes to those who will get it in the future. And by the look of his transition team, it looks like privatizing social security may also be on the table since there are people on his transition team that are champions of privatizing social security.

Here is Trump answering a question from someone from the AARP on Social Security in December 2015.

What are your thoughts? Do you believe him?

Here is Trump during the Third Presidential Debate answering a question on Social Security

What do you think of his answer?

What do you think of Donald Trump on Welfare Reform? Do you think he is going to make deep cuts, eliminate programs or leave them alone. Tell us in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you on this important topic.

Donald Trump Food Stamps Video

Donald Trump has had a lot to say about government programs, especially his desire to cut these programs because he thinks they are bloated. But there is a famous video that everyone is talking about where Donald Trump famously confronts a food stamps heckler. It was November 18, 2015, at a rally in Worcester, Massachusetts. Donald Trump was commenting about how 50 million Americans live in poverty and that close to 50 million are on food stamps. That’s when a heckler interrupted Trump in what has become the “Donald Trump Food Stamps Video”. Here is what Trump had to say about that:

“I mention food stamps and that guy who is seriously overweight went crazy.”

The heckler was eventually thrown out of a Donald Trump rally. The video gained notoriety for two reasons: First, the number of people Trump claimed are on food stamps. Most people were surprised to hear that 47 million people are on food stamps but as of 2013, that number is correct and in 2016, that number stands at 43 million. If that sounds like a lot, there is a reason why. During the 2008 recession, a lot of people because of long term unemployed and went on food stamps. Even though the economy has recovered, wages are still depressed, so even people with jobs find themselves needing help to buy food. That’s why the number is still so high.

The other reason the video is so popular is just Trump’s response. It’s classic Trump, confronting anyone that gets in his way, which of course pleases some of his followers. See the entire video below and tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Donald Trump Food Stamps Video